June 4, 2012


Hey, it's 80 degrees out.  Nice. We have summer. We have sun puddles.
I peeked in at the ball Saturday.  I felt a little like Cinderella or somecat. But it was beautiful. Truffle looked so elegant and happy. Oh, my!
Since I am older, I'm glad I just crept behind the stairs and sat for a while. Efurry one was busy dancing and eating and talking and snuggling! I missed my sweetie, but, really, these things are for the young.
It seems as though we are going to have a beautiful summer week.  Yea! And more important, I don't think mom has any errands to run.
She was caught up this weekend with a cell phone issue.  Which still hasn't been resolved.  I told her anyone we need to talk to we can blog. She didn't quite get that.
She calls Traci and Lou on the landphone, so she's not totally up in the air. Unless she is out somewhere.
Next week she has lots to do.  I'm glad I have her this week.
At least she stopped falling.
So far.
And I have a bit of flash to show everyone!

And thanks to Nerissa ( who is a mancat, we have to remind efurryone) I have another award to add to my sidebar,  The Illuminating Blogger Award. I think I better pass it on two a couple kitties, too, but stay tuned for that. I will add that tomorrow.
Got to get some Denties (I still have a bag or two left).


Rene said...

Don't worry--we didn't even attend the ball. Our people completely forgot! At least you got to peek in a little. We hope the cell phone problem has been fixed. Our people hate stuff like that.

Prancer Pie said...

Hi Brandi! Glad you are having nice weather. We have been having the hots already here in Oklahoma. Whew! Mom's running the AC full blast. Happy Monday and xoxoxo.

ABBY said...

Oui Oui from Twinkletoes has been trying to reach you just in case you had not seen her last two blog posts.


Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

Brandi - you should have joined in on the fun! You are only as old as you act!

Oui Oui said...

Brandi! We have been trying to reach you! We couldn't link back to you from your comments. The mom says she would be glad to make an avatar of you if you like. We'll save your blog in our favorites, and be back to you in a few days.


Nerissa said...

I didn't go to the ball, either... Did have a date... Anyway, I'm so glad you got to at least peek in and see how pretty and handsome everyone looked. Take care, my friend. purrs

Shaggy and Scout said...

We are loving the warm weather. It's about time!