June 8, 2012

Pondering Friday

It's sposed to be really warm this weekend.  So summer is finally saying hello to us!! All the rain we've been having has made every thing green!
Wish that the green stuff would turn into green papers! A lot of beans and furry things would be so happy, and no one would have to go hungry or not have shelter!
Now that's a wish everyone should wish for. Ya think if we all put our minds to it we could make that happen???
And no one should have bad things happen to them, either? Why do bad things happen to us?
Last night's movie was a horror one.  Made last year, I think.  And one of the beans here asked if we could have more "current" movies! Isn't it weird that beans are never satisfied with what they got? And got for free (with free cookies last night, too).
Isn't it strange that beans in someplace called Washing-ton can tell us what we can and cannot do? And what our beans can have for green papers??
And what is it with green papers, anyway.  Shouldn't things be free?  Green papers are insanely not "green", either!
I could even ask about why we have to lose so many of our friends over the Rainbow Bridge, but I know the nice man dressed in white who loves us all says it is a good place, and we will all be there someday. But why do we have to lose so many furends to win a reuniting someday in the future?
So much for a kitty to ponder. And even us elders still don't have the answers!
Pondering is tiring.  I think I will go for a nap in a sun puddle now.
Lovely Katie Isabella awarded me the Illuminating award, which I have already recieved. It's nice to be twice blessed! Oh, an illuminating thought about me? How about I am not afraid of the loud monster or the mop or the broom. I am a brave kitty.
My mommy says that's being lazy.
I disagree!!!
And the sun puddles wented away, too.


Nerissa said...

Brandi, after all that pondering... I think you're probably ready for a nap! Sweet dreams... purrs

Rene said...

If someone asked for more "current" movies, maybe they should be in the rotation for hosting. . . some people are never content! There are a lot of great older movies!

Katie Isabella said...

Oh Honey, I know. I know how it is. xoxoxoxox

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

To much pondering will make yoor head hurt! We stopped pondering when our daddy went to da bridge, it's just stoopid, he was not old or anything. So, now we just trust dat der is a reason and dat it is not fur us to know why, just dat it happens and dat someday we'z all gonna be together again.

Katie Isabella said...

Brandi, I gave you an award. Please come and see me at my bloggie to learn about it. xox

Prancer Pie said...

Pondering is such hard work. Best to rest up this weekend. Hope you get more sunpuddles! xoxo

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

I know, next time that person asks for "more current" movies, have your Mommie tell him that last she heard there were "current" movie being shown right down the street at the charge to go to local theater.

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

That's a lotta deep thoughties all at once, Brandi! It's a good thing you have a sun puddle to go nap in to recharge. Purrs.

Laura & Taffy

Laura and Taffeta Rose said...

Google said we "issued an illegal or malformed command - 400" and ate our comment! We don't know what happened.

Laura & Taffy