November 30, 2006

File under Beans are Crazy...

This is what happened today: Mama gotted two calls. One was to set up an interview next
Tuesday. That was fine. But about an hour later the lady bean emailed and said she couldn't meet with her then. And would contact her soon. Huh???? What about another phone call?? Then a gentleman bean called about a job mama applied for over a month ago. He said that they narrowed it down to 25 applicants. Would she be home for a call next Wednesday to set up an interview, if, after they narrow it down to 10 and then the top three, she makes the cut? That is plain weird.

Today she also applied at a place that is across and down the street from the school she got laid off from.

I have been bugging her today, cause it is cold. So mama has been putting up with me all day. There was some work going on in the hallway of the building this afternoon, so it was kind of noisy, but I stayed on mama's lap. She fed me part of her sammich for lunch, too. Hammmm!

A little while ago, I gotted a lot of energy and ran through the partment, back and forth from the windows in the different rooms. Mama said, "are you crazy?" and then laughed at me.

Hey, it keeps me warm!

Tomorrow one of mama's sisters is coming to town, so she is going to meet her. Saturday she is going to be with a friend. So, I will have to stay warm by myself.

FYI, it is now 13 degrees! Brrr. Glad we have comforters and blankies!

love, purrs, headbumpies, nosekisses for my Sugar Pie,



Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

mmmm Hammmmmmmmmm. I've never had ham. It sounds sooooooooo good though.
I loves to run from window to window too! Maybe we were doing it at the same time! Mommy has been some sick so I've been helping keep her warm (me too) all day.
I'm sending you lotsa warm thoughts and snuggles. It will be getting cold cold here too tomorrow.
I'm glad you have lotsa comfortors and blankies too.
Snuggles and nose kisses to my Sugar Pie

William said...

Sounds like those people are crazy. What the heck are they thinking??

Anyway, it's in the teens here too and I'm snuggling as well. Stay warm when your mom's away!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

those phone calls are kinda weird. why don't they just call when they want to without calling first to warn you they're going to call???

Karen Jo said...

Cheers for you getting some ham. Running around the place like your tail is on fire is one way of keeping warm and burning off some kitty energy at the same time. I just heard that the MidWest got a huge snowstorm today. Did you get a bunch of snow? Keep warm and good thoughts to your Mama on getting a job. The beans she is applying to do seem weird.

The Meezers said...

you're right, those beans are weird. it's not right that they make your momma go frough such silly stuff.

Junior said...

Tell your Mom good luck on the jobbies! Ask her to leave an extra blanket out for you while she is gone. We should never get cold!

Oreo said...

Yup, dem beans am wierd all right!! Hope all am well wiff you & purraying for that job fing too!

Merlin or Dobby said...

I never had ham. Wunner if I'd like it.

I like to run from window to window TOO! I follow the birdies around.

My mommy's lookin' for a jobbie too. She says, if your mommy's into that sorta thing, she should go to

It's pretty interestin.

Patches & Mittens said...

Who is Sweetie Pie? Did we miss something?? Is it Mr. Hendrix???

Momma says to tell you that her and the Dad were born and raised in Brainerd.


kattonic said...

Ouch, 13 degrees is to cold. It's 31 here, but we gots about 14 inches of snow! Momma says she's not shoveling, if anybody needs to get in or out they'll just have to shovel there own path-lol. She'll prolly do it later or tomorrow or maybe daddy will get off his butt and fix the snow blower macheen. She said if they still lived in the 'partment they wouldn't haffa shovel at all, but they couldn't have so many kitties. We're glad she don't live in a 'partment no more.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

they NARROWED IT DOWN to 25? how many people apply for each job out there? wow!