November 9, 2006

Sunny Day

Ooh, this afternoon the sun just poured into our place. Nice warm sun. It is cooler out, today, and they are predicting *gasp* snow tomorrow. I have been a little crabby lately. I think it's the weather. Hot, cold, hot cold.

Mama has no good news on the job front. No more interviews scheduled. Come on, beans, please hire her! We need to get back to normal around here! *kittysigh*

A snuggle day.

The link to the CatBlogosphere still doesnt work.

Love, purrs headbumpies, purrayers for the ill (beans and kitties),
and hello to my Sugar Pie,

p.s. Thank you Karen C. for helping mama with the CatBlogosphere picture and link!!!!! And thank you everyone else who has assisted!!!!! It works!!!!!


Diva Kitty said...

You need to add an a href= link to get the cat blog image to work.

Max said...

SNOW! Nooooooo!

Karen Jo said...

All that switching back and forth between hot and cold would make anyone crabby. I am still hoping hard for your Mama to find a job. I wish I could help her with that, but I live very far away from you.

Junior said...

We are so sorry to hear that there are no jobbies and no interviews in the immediate future.

Just snuggle up real close to your will help her to feel good!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

our Lady sez "yur welcome"

'bout washin' the stuffy toys - if they izzn't filled wif nip, they turn out purrty good on gentle wash if ya puts 'em in a pillowcase that's tied shut in the washer. sumtimes we gotta hand wash Grr's purr-ah-nah an hang it ta dry fur a while cuz it gets furry dirty too.