November 11, 2006

Left at Home!

My mama left me this morning! At least I had foods and water and a little bit of scritchies! She brought some foods home, though, a couple of nappies later. That was nice.

We missed the snow, but I hear it's coming tomorrow! Mr. Squirrel made his rounds this morning and says he can smell it coming. I didn't think squirrels could do that, but what do I know?

I think mama is going to have meatloaf tonight. Yum! That's what I vote for, anyway.

Love to all, purrs and headbumpies, and
sending snuggles to my Sugar Pie,


KC said...

o, brandi, u'd better bundle up fur tha snow.

'n con-cat-ulations to u on tha handsum Mr. Hendricks bein a ree-purrter. he be reely good at reepurrting an he is so cute. u've gots ta get tha badge fur ur bloggie wif's him's piksure on it.

hopes u enjoy tha meatloaf, yumm, that sounds so good.

Louise said...

Hey there,
We hope you all have fun when the snow comes. We are orginally from Minnesota up around Grand Marais on Lake Superior. We don't miss the snow any. Here in North Carolina, were I hike, it was 77 degrees today and sweating!! Have a great white winter, Louise and Nugget

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Where did your mommy go?? I wishes I've known sooner so I could've teleported over and kept you company.
Take care and keep warm Sugar Pie! We kitties are good at keeping our mommy's warm too and mine loves warm kitty snuggles when she gets in from hunting.

Patches & Mittens said...

Wet stuff is falling from the sky in the Big Piney Woods, but higher up, in the moutains, it is fluffy white stuff. This seems to make the furless ones furry happy and they get their sticks out (the ones they strap on their feet) We just stay put in the house where the fire is burning brightly and Momma has candles all ofer the place.


DEBRA said...

Oooo it's gonna be furry cold if da white stuffs outta the sky is gonna fall on you. Keeps furry warm Brandi!

I bet yur meatloaf is gonna be gud. My Momma made chilly. Now why would bean want to eat somefink called chilly? Brrr...dat sound cold.