November 14, 2006

Tuesday doin nothing...

Mama and I just hung out today. I have been curled up on the footstool in the living room most of today. Kinda cloudy, kinda cool out, and no phone calls or anything. Mama applied for another jobbie, and that's it.

Thank you efurryone for the good thoughts. I hope Max and Buddah don't get taken to the vet cause all their paws are crossed like they have to pee and can't. And if you cross your eyes, too, that really might make you dizzy! So Missy and KC better not do that.

Ham pizza may be coming soon. Wouldn't that be wonderful? A party!!

In the meantime, I hear there is chicken tonight. Hmmm.

Love, purrs, headbumpies and purrayers for those in need, and a special hi to my Sugar Pie,


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

mmm ham pizza...that sounds yummy. Chicken is soooo tasty. I missed reading about you these last couple of days. My mommy is still sick but promises to visit with you more. We're thinking of your mommy this week!

Headbutts and nudgies Your Sugar Pie!

Annelisa said...

Hi Brandi

Thanks furrr visiting my blog and leaving your lovely paw prints behind, and thanks also for the donation for Cancer Research UK - it's greatly apurreciated!

I hope you kitties don't need to go to the vets for your troubles, and please pass on to your lovely mum 'Thank you!' and 'Good luck with the job!!!'

Best wishes


Junior said...

We're hoping for Friday to bring good jobbie news for your Mom!

Stay warm and enjoy the ham pizza!!

K T Cat said...

Good luck with the job application!

Head bumps and purrs,
K T Cat

Karen Jo said...

I'm still hoping hard that something will come of that interview on Monday. They must have seen something that they liked about your Mama to interview her so soon. Enjoy your chicken.