November 3, 2006

Friday Update

Mama didn't get the other job either. No one called today. Course, she didn't sit around home, either. She wented out with a friend today and brought home some food(Alley Cat, too. She remembered!), and a bear. We don't need any more bears. Even though it was very inexpensive ($1.69) and has a cute Christmas Tree sweater. No more stupid bears, mama, there is a rule about that!

If mama was to buy me a flannel shirt or jacket or what ever, what are kitty sizes anyway?? And where would she shop? She found some doggie sweaters today, but didn't think I would want one. Not a doggie one! She has a flannel robe and I love that. It is so warm. And of course a flannel blanket that is draped over the computer chair! Maybe that's enough.

A little warmer today, still, I ran for mama's lap when she sat down after putting the groceries away.

Stay warm and cozy,


Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Our mom sits around home all the time. She is quite lazy!

Max said...

Hmmm, I think I'd rather curl on on a person's flannel shirt than wear one of my own. Heck, a box with a flannel shirt would be even better! OR I'd like an electric throw blanket like the Cat Who Came Before Me had, but I think you have to have a bad heart before a People will get one of those. But I'll poop on everyone and everything before I'll let them put clothes on me!

:::wanders off to see if the Man own any flannel:::