November 15, 2006

Nothing New

Ho, humm. Nothing new. We did have chicken last night, and then afterwards mama got out the catdancer and played with me. But today has been quiet, cloudy, cool. Nappie time nost of the day.

No calls from jobbies, just from friends. Mr. Squirrel wasn't around (embarrassed at his snow prediction that didn't happen???)

love, as always, and headbumpies and purrs and purrayers for those who need them,
a special hi to my Sugar Pie,


Fat Eric said...

Have a nice rest of the week, Brandi. Paws crossed for some good phone calls for your mum!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sweet Brandi dear. I'm glad you gots chicken. I was hoping you would. It has poured rain here all day without any breaks. Like Mr. Squirrel, my birdies didn't come out to play either. boring.
I know! When I play with my toys tonight, I'll purtend we're playing together!

Junior said...

Well, I didn't have chicken last night...I had it the night before. It was very yummy! Meowm said she got it from a Greek place. I don't care where she got long as she gets it again!