March 16, 2007

Friday, it's Friday!

Ooh, this is the THIRD time we have tried to post today. Our server keeps knocking us off line!

I did get to spend some time with Mr. Squirrel and Chitterer, today. Sat in the sun for a while. I haven't seen his ladyfriend lately, and I hate to ask where she is. Maybe something happened to her! Maybe they broke up and he's sad!

A quiet day, except another jobbie called, and now mama has an interview on Monday and Tuesday. It was cooler last night, and so we snuggled, and it is supposed to be cool tonight. Mama didn't share her lunch with me, but she promised she will share dinner!

That's about it for today.

Love, headbumpies, hugs for all, and a special hello to my Sugar Pie,


Boy said...

Wots of purrs for your mummy's interviews!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Good luck to yer momma next week!

Karen Jo said...

I'm glad you got to spend some time with Mr. Squirrel and Chitterer. I hope nothing bad happened to his girlfriend. I am hoping really hard that your Mama's interviews go really well and that someone will hire her.

Karen Jo said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

happy st. patrick's day sweet brandi candi! i'm glad you had a nice friday and got to snuggle and share dinner with your mommy. maybe mr. squirrel's girlfriend is on a work trip like my daddy was.
we have a squirrel that comes and eats at our feeders that has a big bald spot on his back. we think a mean kitty (not like us) or other animal tried to eat him! not me, i just like watching. really.
good luck to your mommy. it sounds like she is having good luck with getting interviews now!