March 4, 2007


It was supposed to be warmer today, but inside it was kinda not. So we snuggled today a lot. But this afternoon the sun was just too tempting, and I curled up in the window. Nice. Beans are still having problems getting out of our parking lot here, and that is just outside my window.

Mama shared her lunch with me, too, today. I am spoiled sometimes, huh?

Mama wants to know something. I like my fur brushed towards my head, not down to my tail. Anyone else prefer this, or am I *gasp* odd.

Tomorrow mama has two phone interviews. One with an insurance company and one with an accountant firm. Fingers crossed! We still haven't heard from the temp agency about mama passing the background check, but given the snowyday we had on Friday, she's being patient.

Mama's brother called her. He was laid off the same time as she was, and he is working temps now. Wow. Sure is hard to find a jobbie these days.

Love, headbumpies, and a smooch to my Sugar Pie,


Tara said...

Paws crossed for you both! The snow is lovely, but hard to live in I imagine.

Hmm...I only like my fur brushed towards my tail. I wouldn't call you odd, just "unique".


The Meezers said...

yep, it is hard to find a jobbie. you're not odd at all Brandi. There is some kitties out there that likes to haf their furs brushed forwards. The One Who Came Before likeded it!

Kimo & Sabi said...

We are keeping our paws and fingers crossed fer yer momma!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

they're having the opposite job problem where our Lady works. the last three people they hired didn't bother to show up. people in our area tend to be flakes.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie! ooo a nice warm window on a cold, cold day. That sounds fun! It is stinky you have so much snow. I'm glad you're both safe inside.
We're sending you lotsa good thoughts today and wishing your mommy luck!
hmmmmm, I don't like getting brushed at all, but I do like when I get pets toward my head. I'll bet you looks very pretty with your hair all floofy in the wrong direction! I wouldn't call it "odd" even if no other kitty likes it. I'd call it "unique to sweet Brandi"
good luck to your mommy!