March 2, 2007


11 and a half inches and still falling
A view of the park


Dazey, Jesse and Conner said...


it looks like that at our house too! We gots a blizzard from thur-fri and they closed all the roads in Iowa! Mom says we probably have close to 2 feet of snow now. We had a bad storm last weekend too!

Fun to look at but best to stay home and snuggle!!


Anonymous said...

Very pretty photo. Me and mommy are sending you a hug for the Hug-a-thon.

The Meowers from Missouri said...

oh, no fair!!!! scoop some of that up and send it to our mommy, please?

we are glad you gets to stay for a while longer, and hopes that the clean up/toss out goes quickly. our mom sez she allus feels SO REFRESHED after a good toss-out session!

love from the meowers

Lux said...

That looks pretty ... but COLD!

Mattingly said...

Whoa that's a lot of snow! Mom and Dad love snow, but we haven't been getting much in New York this year (well, at least not in the part we live in). We hope you two are warm and cozy with your blankets, and we are glad that you aren't forced to go out into it.

Harlie and I want you to know that we care a lot about you and your Mama and are always checking up on your blog and praying for you. We often have such little time for blogging that we can't really leave comments, but we want to let you know that we are here. Brandi you are a beautiful cat... and we also appreciate the support your Mama has given our Mom several times with regards to finishing her Ph.D. We wish all the best for you both. Hugs and Purrs!!!