March 27, 2007

Tuesday News

Wow! Yesterday it hit 81 degrees! And we celebrated! But we could not get on blogger to say anything about it. So today it is not as warm. But still the sun was nice this afternoon, and it was in the low 60's. Mama is contemplating taking me outside. I just know she is! Please??

Anyway, she gotted another phone interview today from a bank. If they want to interview her in person she will hear within a week. Still crossing fingers on the book place. And the temp agency doesn't want to return mama's calls, but she keeps at it. What is with them??

That's all the news from here. Gotta get mama to do some work on here. I need to add a few names to my links!

Love, headbumpies and hugs for all, and a sweet smile for my Sugar Pie!


Kimo & Sabi said...

We hopes something comes through fer yer momma soon - and something she will really enjoy!

William said...

Wow, 81! It's always feast or famine with the spring weather, isn't it. Have you and your mom found a new place to live yet?

Finnegan & Buddy said...

Brandi, it is one of the mystries of temp agensees that they will nefur call you bak! Tell yore mom to keep calling and calling. Is she rejistred wif lots of temp agensees? Mom sez Kelly girls was teh bestest one for her. Oh and let them kno she will do any kind of job, efen if it is easier than wat she knows she can do. It's been hot heer in Norf CArolina too and last nite we had the biggest litening and thunder storm efur!!

Finny & Buddy

Parker said...

Hi Brandi! I hope you get to go outside and enjoy the warm weather with your Mommy!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie! I'm so glad you had a nice sunny day. Even tho Tuesday wasn't as warm, at least it wasn't freezing! I am crossing my paws purry tight that your mommy gets the jobbie she wants.
That temp agency is silly. You should put the bity on them, or let me, as your gentleman cat, I should take that on. Big snuggles and purrs sweetie!