March 1, 2007

A Snow Day

Nothing much to say. It is a snow day today and tomorrow. Lots and lots of snow. Pretty looking out the window! Glad we didn't have to move by today! Glad mama gets to stay home.

We really aren't doing a lot of cleaning. Mostly discarding a lot of accumulated stuff. Then comes cleaning, and it won't be that bad. Its the stuff that the owner didn't like, mostly. And me.

Mama has a phone interview on Monday, and has applied for a job at one of the colleges here. The same one that she interviewed a little while ago. But this job is more in line with what she can do, so maybe!

Love, headbumpies and a smooch for my Sweetie Pie (even if he looks silly, he's still my sweetie)


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi! I'm glad you still like me even if I look silly. It sounds like your mommy is working very hard! Mommy thinks that clutter cleaning starts hard and then gets easier once you get started. It takes her a long time to get motivated, then she just throws gobs of stuff away. Well, she fills it back up, but still ha ha ha.
Don't worry Sugar Pie, you are your mommy's most precious thing and even the mean owner can't make her give you away. Make sure you hide all locked away when he comes over!
I heart you Sugar Pie. *blush* Stay warm in all that snow. We are getting lotsa rain. Not nearly as pretty, but warmer.

Boy said...

oh dear! I hope things turn out fine...the new pwace for you and your mama, as well as your mama's jobbie.
poor bwandi...what a tewwible wandword you have.
how can anyone not wike kitties???
hang on there! it'll all turn out fine!