March 25, 2007

Sunday Update

We are checking in once again. Mama feels better, and she had a nice interview with the book company. It is a very old antique building and kinda cool looking. She hopes she will be called back, as this jobbie is the one she would really really like.

The weather has been really warm, and it is so nice in the window now. Those sunbeams are really making me snooze a lot.

That's all that's going on, here. Mama is spoiling me and brushing me a lot. Nothing else going on but lots of boxes to check out.

Love, headbumpies and hugs for all, and a smooch for Sugar Pie,


Karen Jo said...

A job with a book company sounds great. I really, really hope she gets it. Stay warm and snuggle lots with your Mama, Brandi.

Parker said...

Hi Brandi! Thinking good thoughts for you Mommy getting that job. Enjoy the nice weather!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi sweetie! I'm glad your mommy is feelin' better. We're sending lotsa good luck vibes your mommy's way. That jobbie sounds fun.
I'm glad you're getting spoiled and have fun stuff to sniff. We're sending lotsa good thoughts your way! headbutts and snuggles Sugar Pie!

Boy said...

Have fun!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

book company? that sounds lovely! hope your momma's all better now. purrrrrrs!

Tiger Lily said...

Oh I'll be purraying your Mama gets called back for that job. In the meantime I'm glad you're being spoiled!