September 25, 2007

Checking In

Mama had a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon. Her clinic is still in our old neighborhood, with all the cool old buildings and flowers and stuff. It was really hot and muggy. She left the a/c on for me.

On the way home she decided to pick up some groceries. It was supposed to storm, but it hadn't yet, and one grocery store is 10 minutes away by bus, on our busline. So she did her shopping, and when she left, the rain was just starting. In ten minutes it was really coming down, and I mean really hard. From the bus to our building is not that far, but she was soaked. So after she put the groceries mostly away, she had to get out of all those soaked clothes. Then my smart mama was rapped up in her favorite flannel robe, eating dinner, and then drinking hot cocoa. And, then, of course, cuddling me. And the a/c was off.

Today is kinda gray, and cooler. Lots of naps. One window is open a little bit for fresh air. And it's 55 degrees out! And, oh, yes. There is room on the rocking chair for ::blush:: my sweetie.

love to all, of course,

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Henry Helton said...

It looks like you benefit when it rains. If raining always meant cuddling, I would pray for rain every single day.