September 20, 2007

Thursday Stuff

Well, I got asked how I became brandi. Well, that was simple. It's my name! You see, when I picked my mama out (Yes, I did. She walked by me several times at the adoption place at the Petco and I talked to her each time, saying "pick me, pick me" and she finally did) and she brought me home, she and a couple of her friends sat on the floor with me and tried to think up a name for me. One of the lady beans ( her name was Robin, by the way, and she is a nice lady and now has a nice woofie named Maggie) said my name and I went over to her and purred. Mama said my name and I went over to her. So she decided that was my name. Well it was, duh. So that's how I became brandi. I always was.
We had our foomigation and it wasn't bad. I sat on my wicker basket and the nice man came in and was done in a tiny bit of time. We found out one of the neighbors has buggies. Yuck.

Tiger Lilly gave me a Nice award. I am sooo honored. Thank you! You are nice, too!
Later today I will have more pictures, I think. Oh, and Fraxie (my Squillion friend) has finally allowed a picture to be taken.

Love to all, and a smooch for my Sugar Pie,



Henry Helton said...

Congratulations on your award, Brandi. You really deserve it. I like your name, I like that it ends in an "i" instead of a boring old "y".

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Hi Brandi! All kitties know their name, and it up to their people to figure it out. Yours apparently are on the smarter end of the food chain!
Glad the foomigation went well. Kiss those nasty bugs goodbye! Well, don't kiss them, but maybe you could wave.

Mickey said...

Hi Brandi, I liked hearing how you told the beans your name.You are a smart cat.Hope the bugs stay gone too!

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie!
I can't imagine you were ever anything but "brandi". It is such a sweet, girliecat, pretty name. It is perfect! No wonder you told them.
I hope you enjoyed all the booty I rounded up for us on Wednesday's talk like a pirate day.
I'm glad the foomigation went well. You are so nice. That award looks very sweet on your blog. Pretty and frilly. I hope to see lotsa pictures of you soon!