September 26, 2007


My mama came back from the liberry today with some new books and not one but TWO packages for ME!! How cool is that?

Thank you KC, and thank you Parker!! Toys (already played with the feather toys) and foodies ( I already had the Wiskas tuna pouch), and catnip and even stuff for my mama.

It is starting to storm again, so mama said it's time to turn off the computer. I am heading for the bathroom again (and finish licking my Wiskas out of the bowl).

Thank you again, you sweet ladies!



Parker said...

You are very welcome!
Smooches, Parker

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

KC said...
u's so welcome, hope u's like that little Cattitude sign, tha kitty on it reminded us of Brandi. figured u's could hang that in ur's wonnerful new place.
Purrrs, KC