September 5, 2007

Wordy Wednesday

Well, mama took today off. She hasn't done any cleaning or movin stuff around. She even took a nappie this afternoon (cause she had a headache). The only thing she has done is put a throw over the back of the couch, and decided her old table cloth doesn't fit in in this partment. Oh, and she went downstairs and got some stamps from the mail truck. But other than that, we just hung out. And mama shared her breakfast AND her lunch with me!

Mama wants me to explain my bureau. It is a plastic one with three drawers that mama bought a long time ago. It is called a "Rolling Cart" or "Chest" or something. I just think it's cool. And it's next to my wicker basket. She decided I could have it.

Since the couch is in the living room now, the rocking chair is in the bedroom, and I like sleeping there and hanging out there. Course, I come and check on mama once in a while and get scritchies. And I insisted she turned on the puter and let me blog. But the rocking chair is close to the bathroom, now, and that is where my foodies are and my water and my literbox. Talk about the Easy Life! And we have air conditioning now, so it is supposed to be very muggy today, but it is nice in here.

Mama has a jobbie interview tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing okay,
and love to my Sugar Pie,


Henry Helton said...

I wish My Lady was home all day. Ahhh, that would be so nice.

Tiger Lily said...

It sounds as if you have a very nice place to live now. I'm glad!We'll be purraying the jobbie interview goes well.

Tara (not the cat) said...

Good luck to your mom on her interview! I hope she does well. It is nice to hear you both sounding more cheerful. It seems like the change in apartments was good for you both. Once again good luck!

Tara (not the cat)

The Crew said...

Hi Brandi! It's been a while since we stopped by and we're glad to see you're getting settled.

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

How was yoor mom's interview? Isn't da a/c nice! We love it on a muggy day.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Hi Sugar Pie! Wow, you got lobster one day and a day off with your mommy another. This week is going well for you. I hope your mommy's interview went really well today.
Wow, you have your own bureau! Do you keep all your toys in it? Three drawers all your own! Is it comfy to lay on?
I'm glad you have such a nice place to sleep close to all your food and water. Your rocking chair sounds nice. Maybe next time I come over we can take a nap on it together *blush*
Do you take naps in your wicker basket? I like to sleep in soft baskets.
I'm glad your mommy took it easy today. Some days should just be for sleeping and kitty snuggles.
I'm also glad you have air conditioning. That is a very good thing.
Thinking of you and your mommy. Nosebumpies and smoochies to you sweetie.