September 18, 2007

Tuesday Update

Mama has been cleaning all day. Well, not really. But almost. She rearranged the kitchen closet, the bedroom closet, did dishes, finished puting the bathroom cabinet up and stocked it, and swept and washed floors. And that means not the Swiffer, but a real mop and bucket of water. Whew.

It really smells like Mr. Clean in here. The orange smelling kind.

We don't have mousies here, and mama and I haven't seen any buggies in a couple of days. But it is nice of them to foomagate so we don't have problems.

Mama tried to put her CD player together again, but no sound comes out of the speakers, so she must have done it wrong. She will continue to work on it. We need pretty music.

If the foomagaters come and I need to leave, mama will have my harness and lead ready. If they come early enough, she is going to the library afterwards.

That's the update for today. Stay safe, all.

Love, and headbumpies for my hunky reporter boyfriendcat,


Tiger Lily said...

I just gave you the Nice Matters Award because you're so nice to your Mama. You can pick up the award at my blog any time!

Henry Helton said...

Cleaning sucks. Tell your momma to stop cleaning and just pet you all day.

Tina T-P said...

Sounds like you have been ever so busy - I'm glad that your new apartment is so nice.

I hope you aren't too busy to tell us how you got your name, because, tag, you're it - check out my blog for how Sinda & Neelix got their names - T.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

Mr Clean is a good smell. i like that Soft Scrub stuff a lot. my Mom uses that - tho not as often as she used to. when they chopped her head open she got kinda lazy since 'bout some stuff.......