September 7, 2007

Friday News

Mama did the interview yesterday, and thought she did well. She won't know for a couple of weeks, and the job wouldn't start till the end of October. She ran a lot of other errands yesterday downtown, too, so she was gone just for hours! She said that one of the things was changing the address on her driver's license. We don't have a car, though. But she has driven a friend's car a couple of times when the friend was sickie, and I guess a license comes in handy.

It rained last night and we had lots of lightening and stuff, but it is cooler today, and nice out. I wish mama had the money for a hamm pizza, but she does have some lunch hamm, and shared for lunch today, so I do get a little hamm.

When we gotted the hamm pizza, she gave all the hamm to me, and I left her the bready part. Maybe someday. We had lots of bills from moving, like hook ups for the phone and the deposit and part of the movers (we had help with some of that), and stuff, so mama doesn't have much moneys. But I do have lots of food and stuff, so it's okay.

I think she misses going out for her coffee. She can't afford it. And she has been soo busy that she hasn't had time to go to the community center, and she still has to pick up her new liberry card.

She thinks the liberry is nice in this part of the city. And the city liberry is on our bus route, too. And she said that is awsome.

Hope all have a safe and beautiful weekend.

Love to all and bunches of snuggles for my sweetie (you can come over any time and snuggle on the rocking chair with me),



Henry Helton said...

I really hope that Your momma gets this job. You will be eating ham pizza every single day!

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Hi Brandi & her Mama. Yeah, it's a whole lot easier to keep your license current than it is to let it expire and get a new one later. Most places it is hard to cash a check, rent a car, or do much of anything else without a drivers license, too.

Glad to see you folks are still hanging in there. Sending some hopeful purrss to your Mama for that job.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Sounds like the move is really working out. Hope we get to see some pictures of the new place and Miss Brandi. And maybe views out the windows!
Keep our fingers crossed for your interview, but think your luck has changed for the better! So glad you are out of that other place.
Take care and keep us all posted...
ML (Mary Lynn)

Anonymous said...

I love ham too.Yet my mom's selfish and doesn't share much .