September 3, 2007

Labor Day Check In

We have left the tribute up for most of the weekend. This was not only to honor those who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge (which we most heartfully wanted to do), but because we have been very busy here. Mama has done a lot of work on the partment so that when the furniture arrives we will be basically mostly "home". And that's tomorrow! She has put away most of the dishes and pots and pans and clothes and books, and do you know what? She gave me a bureau of my own! For my toys and my food and my blankies! I am so special! And the wicker basket thingy has stayed by the window for me to catch the morning sun!

Her friend has come over to help her a little, and I have been hiding. I keep thinking she is going to pack us up again and we will have to start over. But yesterday, when she helped put my bureau together, I kinda had second thoughts. She talks really soft to me, and yesterday I let her give me scritchies, and even stayed and watched her, and checked out mama and the rest of the partment. Hmmm. Not bad.

That's the news. Hope you all stay safe!

Love, and bunches of nosebumpies for that special reporter, my Sugar Pie!
p.s. Mama gaved me lobster this morning! And an extra mousie to play with! I losted it though.
She says she hasn't had any lobster for forever. Wow is she missing good stuff!


Henry Helton said...

I am jealous that you have your own dresser. This is unfair. I got nothin'.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

brandi, we are so glad you are gettin' settled. it has to be very hard to move. hopefully, this place will be better, warmer in the winter and just better

Starbuck and Torrey said...

Lobster! Now that is a treat! You lucky cats!

Anonymous said...

you gots yur own dresser? way cool! all we gots is a cardbored box wif owr toys innit.