April 13, 2010

Bad Mama

Mama deleted a bunch of stuff on our sidebars a couple of days ago. Shame on her!  We both hope that everything is back.  If you notice something missing, let us know.  We took the Weather Pixie off because she wasn't working right. That's all mama wanted to do.  But she deleted almost everything, instead. She had to put everything back by memory. Our backup old stuff is pretty old, and we've changed some stuff since then.  Like the ChildHelp no longer runs a badge, so she couldn't put that back. And of course our Cat Blogosphere Member badge does not link to the site again. We had lots of trouble the first time trying to link it!
It thunder boomed last night really late.  It rained this morning. Now the sun is out and it is 67 degrees out.  Purrfect.
One of tomorrow's projects is to get mama to put some more pictures on the computer (and then on here, of course).


meemsnyc said...

Thunderbooms scare us!

Sherkhan said...

Aww Brandi, I hope your bloggie is good again soon. I was taking a tour around and I could not find a difference, so your mama must've fixed it!

Thank you for linking my new bloggie :)