April 15, 2010

Thursday News

Mama had to go to the doctors today.  Before she left, one of the tubs fell and broke! She had to scoup stuff up and leave.  She had her mantle clock in there, but she said it was well wrapped up, although it did chime when it fell. If I was a kitty, I would have had a lot of fun, cause she had her "vanity box" in there, and it camed open, and it was filled with earings and hair clips and necklaces and stuff.  But I was a good girl.  Although, the eye shadow was fun....
On the way home she found out one of the locally owned fast food businesses near us was closed due to zoning and licensing problems. They built their own building, it's been open for a couple of years now, and NOW they have zoning problems and licensing problems?? So they lose their income and have to shut down?? They were doing a nice steady business, they gave seniors 50 cent coffee, they were a plus to the neighborhood.  It was also the only place around with strickly an American menu. They own one other place, in St. Paul, that has been around for years.  This is sad for them, in this economy. They spent all that money buying the land and building the place. And i liked their cheezeburgers....
Tomorrow is Friday.  Then the weekend.  Mama is now coughing and sneezing (loudly) cause the pollen in the air is really bad right now.

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Sherkhan said...

My mama hates it too when the food places she gets used to, close down.

I hope your Mama feels better soon.