April 23, 2010

Gotta Catch Ya Up on the News

 Mama wented out yesterday to run some errands, but halfway done her back hurted again. But do you know what my sweet mama did?  She struggled through Target and gotted me my Dentabites before she went home.
She remembered!
Tracie is not here today.  She is coming Tuesday. She wanted to finish some painting she was doing cause tomorrow it might rain.
Kinda grey today, so mama has been doing some reading and I have been doing some snoozing. She had clam chowder for lunch. Of course I got some! Mmmmmeow.
Mama has decided to put all her pots and pans back in the kitchen, and the toaster and the coffee maker.  She is tired of waiting for the remodel, angry at the management here, and can't see leaving everything bagged up for months.
They are big poops.  They still say I am smelly! They still say mama should throw out all her books! Poops, I tell ya.


Karen Jo said...

I hope that things get better for your Mama soon. The remodel people really do sound like poops.

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Brandi, your Mom is pawsome to get your Dentabites when she was not feeling well :)
As for the remodel people and management people...poop on them!!!!
Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Mr. Hendrix said...

what a great mommy you have to get you Dentabytes before she left. that shows lotsa love she put your favorite treats before her comfort. purrrrrrrrrrrrs
Bendrix and I are about ready to do some poopin on those remodelers pillows! we'll show them "smelly"
we are glad your mommy put stuff back in the kitchen. she could always take it back out when they are ready. she has been inconvenienced enough already!

i am going to stare at your wordless wednesday picture and take a nap next to the computer purrs