April 7, 2010

Wednesday- Wordy

We failed our inspection again.  But the manager said he saw a lot of progress, except for the smelly cat.  His assistant said get rid of the books. When she commented about the "stuff" in the pantry, mama pointed out that it was stuff from her cupboards.  And opened her empty cupboards!
Inspection lasted all of five minutes. We have thrown out or given away several pieces of furniture, kitchenware, clothing, our Chrissymouse tree, and about 2000 paperbacks. To us, clutter is not "stuff" in neatly stacked tubs or special pictures and other mementos displayed with love. Clutter is "stuff" laying around loose all over the place. And clutter is NOT books in bookcases!!! And we want the remodel DONE!
Well, we didn't even ask about the kitchen remodel.... At least the manager smiled and even chuckled a bit.... Maybe there is hope.


Max said...

Whoa...they get to tell you what you can have in the place you live? That's just wrong...

Everycat said...

How come they can tell you what you can have and what you can't? It sounds like they are real bullies and need someone higher than them to send them on a training course about courtesy and respecting people's (and cats) dignity.

Is there someone who could give you some support there? If you are allowed to have a cat, they shouldn't be making offensive comments about lovely Brandi.

We send you love and hope the managers accidentally fall out of the window when they next visit!

Whicky Wuudler

Ikaika said...

I agree with Whicky ..sending purrs and love to you and your momma and wishing the managers a happy landing!