April 8, 2010

Thursday Sthtuff

Well, mama left me today!  Only for a couple of hours, though.  She had to pick up some medicine.  She said she stopped at Target and couldn't think of a thing to buy!  Dentabites, mama!!! You can always buy Dentabites!!! But her back was hurty, so I forgive her.  Now I am going to make her change clothes so we can cuddle (see, sometimes I am sensitive to her needs. Other times, it's cuddle me NOW, see?).
She said she just saw the manager again and he smiled.  But still no notice when they are ever going to complete our partment!
aparently the hated cat of the building.
But I'm not smelly!!!
and mama Carol, who has that nasty habit of
liking books and reading them more than once.
p.s. We live in a place that is run by the city, but we play $18 less than market rate because mama is on SSDI, so the government can tell us what ever they want about our partment.  Crappity crap!


Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Brandi, we are just amazed!!! That manager is just a big tool!!!! Just because he does not like cats(fool) is no reason to be mean!!!! His assistant obviously cannot read as she does not seem to like books(fool)
We think it is mean and wrong that they can say what ever they please. WE think if there was nothing at all in your place they would still find fault!
We might have to come over and poop on some pillows!!!
Hugs & Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

Everycat said...

Mickey, Georgia and Tillie said it all really Brandi! We will join them for pillow pooping duties. What rotters!

Of course you aren't smelly, you are lovely Brandi. It's so sad that you had to get rid of your books, books are like old friends.

Is there anything in your lease that details exactly what these stinky minded managers can and can't do? Maybe there's a local advocacy service for tenants who could help? It just sounds 100 types of wrong to us.

We still think that an accidental tumble out of the window might solve the problem of the nasty manager and his dumbo assistant ;)

Whicky Wuudler

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Heehee, we'z wif Whicky, a little tumble and walah, problem solved. Oh, mom sez da ones dey replace dem wif could be even worse...what is der problem wif books. Our dad whines about da books taking up space but he's joking cuz he wants to put his junk on mom's shelves and she won't let him. And we know yoo do not stink, kitties is very clean! We bath more den beins!