April 9, 2010

Good and bad, good and bad

It is warm and sunny in the partment this morning! Love love love curling up in the sunshine!!
I got sickies this morning (hairball time). No fun.
Tracy is coming today. She's always nice.
Our dear friend Lizzie and her bean have moved.  No more sweet little Lizzie barkies.  We will miss her cheery little barkies when she greeted the grandkiddies or when she came home from walkies.  We will miss her cute little sweater and beret in the winter (french poodle, what else?). Or that we knew she wouldn't wear her little booties, even though they kept her feet warm and dry in the snow. And we will miss her bean.  A gruff sounding old man, yes, but never with Lizzie unless she did something wrong.  With her he was sweet. So you knew the gruffness was not bad, just his voice. He used to have kitties, too, so we liked him, too, just for that.
Good and bad, good and bad.
*sigh* Goodbye my sweet woofie friend!
PS. MAGOO IS ILL AND NEEDS OUR PURRAYERS!!!  KC made a badge for hims:


Everycat said...

Well that's sad that your friend Lizzie has moved away. But sometimes, when one friend moves away, a new friend comes along.

Have a good weekend sweet Brandi and Momma!

Whicky Wuudler

ML said...

Sorry yours furriend moved. It's easy to get attached to your neighbors. And miss them.
Whateffurr is going on wif yours apartment?
Someone is telling you to get rid of yours fing??? That doesn't sound furry good.
Let tha Cat Blogosphere know... it may just be pillow-pooping time!
Love & Purrs,

meemsnyc said...

Sorry to hear that your friend moved away. Maybe you can visit them soon!