April 28, 2010

Busy Week-Wordy Wednesday

Well, Tracie camed over on Tuesday and helped mama shift books and donate some more.  She took them to a thrift shop for mama.
She also helped put some of the stuff back under the kitchen counters.
She always talks so nice to me! And she's coming back on Saturday morning!
Today is supposed to be one of the last really nice days for a while.  Rain is coming! But mama said we need it for the farmers and for the plants, and there have been forest fires up north, so we shouldn't complain. 
Okay.  How's this: More nappy time. Less sunshine, darn it.
Have a good Wednesday efurry one. Mama has a pointment tomorrow afternoon, so she is coming home late.  I hope the rain doesn't get her!
I'm gonna soak up more sunbeams while I can!


Kea said...

Hi Brandi. We're glad Tracie is there to help! Enjoy the sunshine while you can. :-)

Tina T-P said...

Hi Brandi - thanks for coming by last week to wish Sinda Happy Birthday. We had a blast! T.