August 18, 2012

A Nice Surprise

We gotted an award.  Thank you, Cherry City Kitties! Oh, my! Thank you, thank you!
 Made my little old chest puff up just a bit, and me smile. How wonderful  to receive such a nice surprise!
We are supposed to tell 7 unknown things about me. Gee, I've been around several years here on the Cat Blogosphere.  What don't you know? Well, okay:
1. I don't purr. Well, not much and very quietly.
2. I don't have any front claws.
3. I like black olives.
4. I like Friskies, and the more expensive stuff I could care less about.
5. Now, Fancy Feast is a whole nuther experience.  I love it!
6. I lost my red octopus when we moved here. He was my friend.
7. I haven't gotten to make friends with any squirrels like in my last place.  We're above the trees!

Now to nominate 15 friends for this award? Oh, my. Where to start! There are so many lovely friends I could nominate. So I think I will nominate efurryone.  And that's a lot!! Even my woofie friends!
I can't be more generous than that, and you all deserve this award.  So take it as yours if you wish!!
I love you all. Really. You bless my life with your stories and pictures and your lovely beans. I don't know how long before I  will hear the Rainbow Bridge call me, cause I am 19, and that's pretty old, I guess. But you all have given me such joy these last years. And been so giving.
Enjoy your weekend!
With love and gratitude (can't say that enough!),


Brian said...

Congrats on the nice award Brandi! I loved reading your list and squirrel friends are cool, I have two that visit me often. Don't pack for the Bridge anytime soon, we think you are special!

Groucho said...

Brandi, congratulations on your award!!! Well deserved and we did love reading more about you!



Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

Congratulations on the award! We love finding out things about our friends. You don't purr? Neither does Max, though sometimes it seems like he's trying. His meow is almost silent too. Only time he makes a noise is on the way to the vet, and that's not a very nice noise at all.

Oui Oui said...

Concats on your award! Its well deserved. We're sorry you lost your octopus and squirrels when you moved. What a rotten break!

Sherlock the cat said...

Concats on your award, Brandi!
Lots of luv
~Sherlock, Ash and Traveler