August 5, 2012

A Sunday Trip down Memory Lane

It is very pretty out, and the windows are open and it's Sunday and no one is barbeque-ing! At least yet.  Come on, beans, we want those good smells wafting up here while the windows are open! What are you waiting for? Christmas?? Actually beans barbeque all year round here in Minnesnowta, but now the windows are open! Don't they get it?
Here's some lovely scenery from our windows:
and here's our old kitchen. Like when we were moving in (the black thing is  one of  mom's purses):
Pretty boring and small, huh?
Here's me on my old couch:
Nice to be by the windows, too.
Then there was the lamps that mom broke (they were a pair):
She liked them.  They were old, though.  From way before my time, and I am 19!
Even my Squillion Sisters liked the windows:
And the couch. That's Fraxie and Maxie above. Maxie is my littlest sister. Paxie is my virtual sister. Check her out on my sidebar.
To continue my trip:
The couch left, and the bed,  and the daybed appeared:
Then the year long remodel camed, and the new kitchen:

Mom said it felt like she really had a kitchen at last, so I guess it was worth it. Notice the Denties on top of the frigiator! Mom said, look at all the lovely cupboards! Whatever.
Most of the pillows got put away cause they were a hassle for mom every night:
And that just about brings you to sort of now. 
Thank you for coming with us on our Sunday trip.
I think I deserve Denties and a nice nap.
Hopefully with nice barbeque smells, neighbors??

oh, and ps.  Not only do we have 100 followers now (thank you, thank you) we have more green papers on our chip in.  Enough for another intsurance payment! Hooray! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!


Brian said...

You sure got some nice view from your window! Have a happy snoozy Brandi!

Katie Isabella said...

I love the tour of your home, Brandi.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khan woo see to Eden Prairie from your window?

If woo khan, please wave HI to Princess Eva and Handsome Bricey fur me!


yuki and rocket said...

Nice kitchen remodel! We have a neighbor a few houses down who's barbecuing. It's time like these we wish we could be cats so we could easily jump our way to that delciousness we smell!!

yuki and rocket

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Thanks fur letting me know!

During our Trek to The Tundra, we hit The Twin Cities from The Cheese State - and it was about 5pm - with sneet - so we khouldn't stare too much -

We got visit the dog park in Victoria - and Staring Lake - Mom got to go to a Trader Joes with my Auntie Vicky - I stayed home with Bricey and Eva and Uncle Doug -

My Auntie Di's friend Jim is from Chaska - and he and his brother akhtually know a good furiend of Auntie Vicky and Uncle Doug - how 'small world' is that?


Nerissa said...

Thank you for that lovely trip 'round your home. You have beautiful views from your windows, you know. And your bed looks super-duper comfy. I felt like I had taken a little Sunday drive... without having to go in the dreaded car. Way better, this way. Way better... purrs

Rene said...

That's a great view and the kitchen looks great!

Shaggy and Scout said...

We like the view from your window way up high! That is such a pretty picture of you on the back of the couch Brandi! The new kitchen looks much improved. It's always such a hassle having to put up with the mess but its good when it turns out nice!