August 25, 2012

Saturday Sweet

Hello! Yes we are still here.  We had a busy week.  The  new doctor mom saw yesterday she said was very nice.  She has 4 rescue kitties! 4 paws up! 
This week we started documenting all mom's levels and shots and stuff, to see if she needs any gigantic changes in intsulin. And did you know, as soon as a couple of big issues were solved (cleaning stuff and pill changes  and meeting the new doctor), I think her levels already wented down! So she might be okay!! Stress does affect glucose levels, after all. Now all she has to do is worry about ME!
I think she has to go downtown next week sometime to get more cleaning supplies.  So I will try not to mess up (much) the next few days.  A clean place is nice on the footies and noses, after all. And she has the dreaded laundry to do.  She hates it, cause her back hurts when she folds everything. Sometimes Traci helps her, but she has not been around.  I think the Great Get Together has something to do with that. That is the State Fair.  Apparently lots of people go more than one time. Mom doesn't go at all. Between work and the Fair and family Traci must be very busy!

Today we are just going to NOT DO ANYTHING. Right, mom?? You can read and watch movies and I will take lots of naps. Or I could watch the Animal Planet. I think Jackson Galaxy is on today, and I am especially fond of him.  Like a lot of other kitties! And moms!
The only big thing with mom is taking me to the doctor (well, really, if I had nasty doctors I would tell her to forget that, but I loves my doctors). And affording it. Which is one reason we have the chip in.  There are soooo many beans who need stuff these days. It is really sad.  Specially when your mom is one of them.
One of our neighbors is being evicted.  That's scary.  But at least we can pay our rent, and that's good.
You'd think things would be better for beans than this.  Everything is green papers!
Okay, mom, I think it's naptime. I need a lap!! And a blankie!!
Have a lovely weekend effuryone!
Demand the Animal Planet!!
love to you all,


Brian said...

Great big purrs and hugs to your Mom! I know you will be taking good care of her Brandi.

Nerissa said...

Hey there, Brandi! I sure do hope that 'great get-together' is over soon so that your friend Traci can come over and visit you more often. Tell your mom not to worry too much 'bout the cleaning. I just had a peep in a cleaning frenzy and it's not a pretty sight! purrs

Maggie M said...

Hi, Brandi we are so happy to meet you and your mom. Thank you for stopping by and commenting on our new blog. We sure hope your mom is feeling much better very soon. We are looking forward to getting to know you. Hugs and nose kisses

The Meezers or Billy said...

come on ofur to our place for some trashing and camping!!

Katie Isabella said...

Brandi, sending love and snuggles to you both. xxoo

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo khould khome here but woo might not get to nap furry much!


Rene said...

We are all for doing nothing on a Sunday. We keep purring for you.

Oui Oui said...

We are glad to her your mom is doing better. She must be feeling better too. We all went to the vets recently and our mom is still crying over the bill. Its a yearly ritual.

Sherlock the cat said...

Hello dear Brandi! Lots of love to you and your Mom, and I am so happy to hear she is feeling better. Have a lovley day xoxo purrs :) ~Sherlock and pals (Ash and Traveler)

Katie and Glogirly said...

Big (((purrs))) for your mom. Diabetes and insulin is no fun at all. But it sounds like she's doing really well. Hope you had a fun day doing nothing! We LOVE those kind of days.

Do you know about the International Cat Video Film Festival at the Walker Art Center? It's this Thursday night at their "Open Field." It's free and pet-friendly. (it's outside) Are you going? : )

xo, Katie

Katie Isabella said...

You don't have google + cause if you did I could not comment. They won't allow comments unless you belong.

Cotton said...

Hi Brandi! Pls post soon... It's already Wednesday :)