August 11, 2012

Saturday Sthuff

Mama didn't feel good yesterday.  But Traci camed over to cheer her up in the morning. Mom really hasn't felt good all week.  She's been seeing  Aunti-Biotick and an allergy medicine (no, she's not allergic to me!).  So she's been wanting to sleep a lot.. She gets up, checks her email, checks the blogs, reads for a little while and then goes back to sleep for a while. Repeat repeat. She missed National Night Out, but did show her movie Thursday night. It was the Last Song, which she had seen before, but is a nice movie. The president of the council camed and he sniffed through the last half of the movie. Miley Cyrus reminded him of his own daughter, I think. Men beans! At least lady beans bring tissues (and mom wasn't going to share the only one she brought)!
She gotted an email about a belly rubbing class, and I thought she could go, but she said it was a belly dancing class, and she didn't feel like dancing her belly (and thankfully not MINE, either).
The windows are open, and have been the last couple days.  Oh, the smells. No barbeque (phooey) but it was cold enough last night that she had to shut the window by the daybed.  And yesterday I smelled somebody's fireplace! What a change from dying from heat to having to shut windows and  smelling lighted fireplaces! And blankies!

Now we are off to visit some of you, and mom will probably take another nap. All right for me! Oh, she has to visit the library on line. Big hardship.
Oh, by the way, yesterday there was a bomb threat at our bank. I am so glad mama stayed home!
Have a slow and beautiful Saturday.
Blessings to all (we all need a few) and (((hugs))),
And maybe someday  I'll have enough green papers for hamm pizza.  Too bad we don't have a couch anymore to search, and mama won't let me have the laundry money!


Father Tom said...

I'm with you, fireplaces being one of my favorite smells! I guess I can't wait for the crisper fall weather to enjoy, too.

Hope your mom feels better. Sounds like quite an eventful week, anyway :)

Tom, Mom Julie, Tinker, Mitty & Anastasia

Brian said...

We are all sending purrs to your Mom and we hope the all better comes really soon.

Katie Isabella said...

Loves you Brandi and your mama too. I know I said that before but I means it.

Callie (a.k.a. Trouble) said...

Tell your Mom she did not miss much with the bomb threat. Mommie worked at a hotel once a long time ago when a bomb threat was called in. I was unlucky enough to be the one who answered the phone. The detective spent 2 hours talking to me about a two sentence call!

Sweet Purrfections said...

We hope your mom feels better very soon.

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

If woo face Wiskhonsin, khan woo see the cheese trees?


Groucho said...

Oh brandi we hope your mom feels better soon!!! Being poorly is no fun at all!! And fireplaces are wonderful smells - all warm and toasty and happy smelling! Look after your mom!



Sherlock the cat said...

I hope your mom feels better real soon! My mommy has alergies really bad and she's hasn't been feling very good either. I hope they both recover quickly :)

Sherlock the cat said...

Sending love and hugs

Mr. Pip said...

So sorry your mom hasn't been feeling well. My assistant has bad allergies and she hasn't been hacking and sneezing up a storm!

Enjoy the smells from the open window.

Your pal, Pip

Shaggy and Scout said...

Hope your Mom is feeling better by now! Mom's eyes are awfully itchy lately with allergies. Something is blooming out there that bothers them.
If those Twins would win more you could get more of those half price pizzas if they still offer them. Does Little Caesars still have the $5 special? Sweet picture of you in the blankie!