August 20, 2012

Monday, Monday

It was really cool early this morning. Mama only had two windows open.  She still only has two open, but it's a lot warmer.  Low 70's so far.
Mommy made a salad for lunch and let me have some.  Once in a while lettuce and carrots taste good. Does this mean I'm turning into a rabbit?  Wait. I like the ranch dressing. Whew. No offense, bunnies, but I want to remain a cat.
Tomorrow and Friday mom has doctor pointments, so she won't be here for a while those two days.  So I have to have my me time with her today and Wednesday and Thursday.  That is, unless she can figure out a way to get ME to the doctor.
She likes her doctors and I like mine.  So it's not too bad. But I get a whole clinic for myself.  Hers is waayy too big.
I know mom has pizza leftovers in the freezer. Hope she defrosts them soon.  That's the last of the green papers to spend.  Now what's left goes to doctors and medicines and regular foodies. *sigh*
Chip in if you can. We appreciate the help.  You have boughted us foodies and paid a month's intsurance so far.  That's quite a relief in itself.   But there are a lot of others in need, too, and we understand.
Anyway, have a lovely Monday and I hope the weather is cooler for those that were still too warm over the weekend. 


Brian said...

I hope you have a lovely Monday too sweet Brandi!

Shaggy and Scout said...

It was a beautiful Monday wasn't it!!

Prancer Pie said...

It's been cooler here, too, the low 90s. We'll like that much better than the low 100s. I like lettuce too, but prefer mine wifout the ranch dressing. It has a nice crunch! MOL! Have a great day, pretty Brandy. xoxo

Cotton said...

That looks like a good Monday! Nah, I can assure you you're not turning into a rabbit, I like those things too!

Sherlock the cat said...

Your Monday sounds beauitful! :) The weather here has been very warm so I'm sure you're enjoying the pleasant weather where you are. Purrs and prayers for you and your mom, and when I get my credit card, I will chip in. Lots of love xoxo Sherlock&pals

Tillie and Georgia said...

Brandi, we purr the weather stays pleasant for you and that you enjoy yourself :) We think about you a lot.
Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
Tiger,Treasure,JJ and Julie

Katie Isabella said...

Brandi, you are a precious beauty. I love to see your warm little self. xoxoxox

Katie Isabella said...

My mommy laffed and laffed at that cartoon. I'm glad your mommy smiled too.

Cathy Keisha said...

Hi Brandi. I hope your Mom is OK. I'm sorry she has to go to the doctor and that you need a ChipIn. We're a rich country and peeps should get what they need. I'm just meowin'.