March 18, 2006

After the party's over

I want to thank my hosts for a lovely party, and wish the birfday boy many blessings. I was impressed with the hamm and the catmilk, and the nice kitties. Beau did you ever get your answerr to your 'portant question? Timmy, I think I missed the lampshade. But you are always cute, anyway.

Mama said she hoped I had a nice time. I did. I spent a lot of time being shy but I'm getting better.

Today I got to catch up on my rest 'cause mama went out wif one of her friends. When mama came back she had two pressies for me! She was tryng to find one of those zoomgroom things for me, but the store didn't have any. So she brought me a nice new brush and some...Catnip spray!!

And I smelled doggie and other cats on her. She said, member a long time ago when you found me? You were at a pet supply store looking to be adopted (I came from a rescue place and the store lets them bring kitties and woofies for someone to love). She said today there were rescued greyhounds there (former racers, retired), and a lot of kitties and older cats. She petted the nice woofies and said they were very friendly and nice (when someone petties them they lean into the person to show their thankyous), and she petted some of the kitties and older cats. One kitty scratched her (and everyone else who got close), and maybe somebody hurted her before and she was scared, but the others were really nice and mama petted a couple.

I think that's ok. Animals looking for their forever homes need petties, too. Mama is nice.

I hope at least one kitty got a home! And a woofie, too!!


The Meezers said...

Hi Brandi! We really liked meeting you at the party. You are furry purrty and furry nice!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Mom saw zoom grooms at our v-e-t-s.
Maybe yours will have some.