March 5, 2006

Sunday, Sweet Sunday

Hi, all you puddies and beans! Since I can't go to the party this weekend for Magoo, I told mama she has to help me on my blog. So she has been working on the links to get them correct, and then she figured out how to put a counter on here. Now it's my turn! Thanks, mama!

I know many of you aren't home 'cause of the party, but... *sigh* mama still says no going. Maybe when you guys know me better. Then I won't be shy and maybe we'll have a better time.

Mama got up early to do lawndry, so we got early scritchies and stuff... There are more coming. I just know it. Sometimes I am not in the mood though. (Like today, cause I can't go to the party I am pouting a bit). I don't stay on her lap, I just jump down and leave.

Hope everyone at the party has fun. Hope everyone else this weekend is doing okay.

Mama goes back to work tomorrow. :-(


Derby said...

Wish your mum wouldve let you come to the party. SSS's were there and they could have helped you teleport from Minisota.

I am going to bug mum to have a birthday party for me. That won't be untill October. So maybe your mum will let you come to that!.

pandora and charlie said...

You is missing a grand party, Brandi.....

been going, oh.......about two days now!!

Two days of ham, shrimp, salmon, and nip - so much nip.......

I'm sure your Mama won't miss you for a couple of hours - I mean you have to sleep sometime, don't you [wink]