March 4, 2006

The Weekend's Here

Oh, my favorite time is here. Mama is home all weekend! Life is just lots better knowing there is a lap for me any time I want one! She must of had some help at "work", cause I now have links on here! Next comes the camera. I just know it! So all you puddies can see how pretty I am.

She didn't want to turn the 'puter on for me last night. But I kept bugging today! So now I get to blog.

She did share a little chicken with me last night. :-) So I guess I forgive her.

Hmm. Nap time. Where's mama?? OH...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Derby said...

Brandi, see if you can teleport out for a while to Magoo's for the party. The more the merrier. The instructions are on their site.

See you soon.

pandora and charlie said...

just sneaked onto Magoo's pooter to say, I saw you at the party, and you looked very nice.......

can we be friends.......?

that party is a blast!

gotta run.....


Fat Eric said...

Hi Brandi

Nice to meet you. You sound like a pretty kitty. I am a fat kitty in London, UK.