August 18, 2006

Friday again

Oh boy. It has been cool today, but a little muggy. Win some, lose some, mama says. Still no sign of Mr. Squirrel.

Another jobbie sent Mama an email saying they hired someone else. She is sad again.

Her bean nursie asked the insurance company about the medicine that insurance denied her, and the insurance said they have no "contract" with that medicine. So the bean nursie is going to check with the doctor next week about it. Mama's doctor is currently out of town. When he gets back he can decide what other meds she can take in replacement of that med. He knows her better than the other doctors there. Whew. Complicated! No wonder she has had a headache for the last two days!

Mama gotted some veggie meat when she went to the food shelf, and she said it is furry good. But I haven't gotted to try it yet. Hmmm.

It arrived in a plastic bag, with no name, so she doesn't know what brand it is. She said she would buy it when she has money again if she knew what it was.

The bags she brought home have some other stuff she said I might like. Like some stew. That sounds good. Beans? No, mama, yuck. Mushroom soup. Yumm. Tomato soup. No, that's one of mama's favorites. I'll be nice and let her have that. Bread. Nope. Veggies? Nope. Oh, well.

I'll stick with Alley Cat, Friskies, and Temptations, I guess.

Love to all,


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

veggie meat? huh? we doesn't get it...eiffur it's veggies (yuk) or it's meat (yum) - how can it be boaf?

Hot(M)BC said...

Pooey on the insur-ants people. Why do they gots to make things so complycated! Silly beans. We hopes your Mommy gets her medicines soon.
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree

PS Give Fraxie a headbutt for us please!