August 6, 2006

Sunday, Sunday

Just wanted to update you a little. Mama has not been feeling well this weekend, and we are working hard doing nursie duties. Mama's diabetes is out of wack right now, and she is trying to get healthier. She thinks it is all this stress from being unemployed and the heat and worrying about bills and stuff.

After we finish this, we are checking out some of the other kitties who blog, and then mama is going to job hunt for awhile. If we haven't splained it before, she is an administrative assistant and that is what she is hunting for. That, and a combo of reception and admin assist, so that she has more options.

The park is full of people this weekend. There are at least 3 art fairs going on this weekend, but mama is staying home. There are two in different parks, and a big one called the Uptown Art Fair.

Bet all the animals are hiding from all the noise and stuff.

Take care of your beans, and stay cool.


p.s. Mama's job hunting is kinda limited, in a way, cause we don't have a car monster. She has to be able to bus to the interviews and to the job when she is hired. That rules out some nice places to work, I guess. But we applied to a couple new places today. And when she thinks of a place that's close or on a bus line she checks their internal postings.


Zeus said...

We hope you feel better soon, Brandi's mom! Take it easy, try to relax, and make sure to take care of yourself of first.

- Zeus and Isis

Abby & Sophie said...

Brandi, has your momma checked the job postings on the websites of the companies that she sends her bills to? Like her insurance companies (health and auto) or telephone companies or power company, or cable company, or the radio/tv stations she listens to/watches? Many times they post openings on their websites before they buy ads in the paper. Our mamma works for a health insurance company down in Madison, Wis and that's what they do.

Now that it's not so hot, we're hoping you both feel better!

Abby & Sophie =>..<=

Patches & Mittens said...

Get well, Brandi's Mom! We so hope you get that job soon, it isn't like you aren't trying reallllly hard. I don't know what administrative assistant is, but it sound 'portant.


The Meezers said...

oh our momma has that diabetes too - which is one of the reasons she has been sick for a long time. we hopes your momma feels better soon - stress really doesn't help. keep being the good nursie that you are and she will feel better soon!

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Our boy has that diabetes stuff. No fun at all. The mansion sounds haunted. If she gets that job she better call Ghostbusters right away to be safe. At least the weather is better now for her hunting.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we hears that effurrybuddy needs one of them know - what you said...people cause they runs the whole office. your momma should find a good place soon. the bus is really hard i guess cause when our Lady's car died she hadta walk a mile ta the bus an then take 3 buses for offur 2 hours jus ta get ta her job. an that was 2 times a day effurry day till she got anoffur car. this one's used too but not used up like that last one. is your hot goin away? ours did. hope effurryfing gets all better fur you soon!

Anonymous said...

Aww shweetie...sending you and ya bean mum lotsa huggies and anything associated with good luck n blessings.

DEBRA said...


Sounds like you are doin a good job watchin ofur your Momma. Hope she feels better real soon. I know wif all of our purrayers she will find the purrfect werk to do bein a adminny.


Hot(M)BC said...

Our Grandma has that diabolicalbetes too. Icky stuff. She's gotta stick her paw pads efurry day an all sortsa stuff. We hopes you feel better real soon Brandi's Mom! You's a good nursie tho Brandi an it's helps your Mommy lots I bet. We's got our paws crossed for her.

Fat Eric said...

My dad has the diabetes thing, and so does his mum. I am sorry your mum does not have a job yet, I hope she gets one soon.

William said...

I hope you and your mom are having a better week and that she feels better.

I've tagged you, too!