August 3, 2006

Thursday already

Hello! It may be a little humid out, but the temperature now is 85. 85, not 101. Big difference. Hope everyone else gets a little rain and a little cooler weather. It IS 85, but at night is fairly cool. The birds and Mr. Squirrel are soooo much happier. I still sleep a lot, but I play a little with my new toys, too. Just don't have a good appetite. I can't wait for fall!! a squillion zillion naps from now!

When mama camed home the other day she had a phone interview, and then another call yesterday from someone else for a real live interview on Friday. And guess what. It is 4 blocks from home, she said! Wow.

So she goes to another interview tomorrow morning. I just wish someone would just hire her. The clinic has never called back. No one else has either. She got a couple of rejection emails, but those were for other jobs she applied for and never got called for.

Mama has been very tired lately with the heat and all, and I hope she's taking care of herself. I remind her to drink lots of water, and to eat properly. Still have to take care of her, I guess. A nursie's job is never done.


Anonymous said...

Oohh! Heard about the heatwave over at your side of the drink lotsa cold water to chill off! Good luck with your interviews..have a feeling that ya mummy will get a job soon!! Huge huggies to ya mum and scritches for you!

DEBRA said...


Keep watchin your Momma and make sure she keeps her spirits up. Something good is right around the corner!

Glad it is cooler for you. I know that makes a lot of difference.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

hang in there! We're sending our strongest wishes and prayers to you both!
Tilly, Toby and the Mum

Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) said...

You are a furry good nursie, takin' care of your Mama! We purray efurry night that she will get a job soon (then you can have that celebration ham and pizza).

PrincessMia said...

Bestest of luck to your beanmom. I have all my paws crossed for you!

Oreo said...

DId she get it?!?!? Huh, huh, huh?!?!