August 20, 2006

Nice day

Another nice day. Lots of sunspots to sleep in. Cool morning to cuddle. Wow! The birdies are out and flying around catching updrafts, and YEAH! Mr. Squirrel is back! It seems he gotted himself a little friend by the church down the street. A lady friend. Mr. Chitterer is a little jealous. That's why he wasn't talking! She is shy of us puddie cats, but he is trying to show her we are all nice (and can't get out to chase her). Mr. Squirrel is a little what my mama calls "besotted". It means he likes his new lady friend furry much. Thank goodness that is all that was happening. We were fearing for the worst, that something deadly happened to Mr. Squirrel. It was only "love". Sigh.

Mama applied for 4 whole jobbies today. Yeah! Okay, guys, now call her for an interview and hire her!!!

Gotta catch up on all you bloggers out there.

Love, brandi


Hot(M)BC said...

Yeah guys, hire Brandi's Mommy now!!!

William said...

Way before I was born, my mom drove up to Minnesota the first week of September, and she said it was nice and crisp in the mornings and beautiful all day! Then when she got home it was still hot. This confuses me, but I'm only three.

Anyway, I'm keeping my paws crossed for your mom this week. Has she seen this site? It's freelancing, but maybe...

brandi said...

Sorry, William, that site is interesting, but mama can't freelance. She needs insurants, and freelancers don't get that.

brandi said...

oh, and mama moved here years ago in a September. She said it was in the 90's in Missouri, and mid 60's here so she stayed. The firstest winter she froze though. Guess she thawed out. She loves cold weather now.

Patches & Mittens said...

Our momma and daddy were born and raised in Brainerd, Minnesota. They moved away to Ideyho in 1975. They used to go to the State Fair every year in Minn. and said it was the best ever!


nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

we will point our little eartennae towards The Cities and think hiring thoughts towards efurryone who needs a marvy employee and then we'll think "brandi's mom! brandi's mom! brandi's mom! brandi's mom!" it'll work, i just know it!

glad to hear mr. squirrel is back. although that "love" thing between humans seems to be almost as bad as "deadly" sometimes. hope true love's path is smooth for them!

and speaking of "squirrel", there is a bean living in a city (not far from where we live) whose name is "mr. squirrell"-he's the technology teacher at a high school! well, that's missouri for ya. and yes, it's still blazin' hot here!

panting but purring friendly to you,

xing lu