August 26, 2006


Mama and me are so humbled by all of you out there trying to help us. The Meowers of Missouri are just the latest. We think they gotted in touch with Robyn (the HOT(m)BC mom) and Oreo's mom, Heather, and did this really sweet thing for us. They have set up a website for me to help my mama.

It maded my mama's eyes leek again, but in a good way, I think. She doesn't feel so alone and helpless. I can only do so much nursie stuff, and I love her. It helps her to know that others want to help, and send encouragement and purrayrs.

If you can't donate anything, we don't want you to feel bad. Your words DO help, and your purrayrs, too. Without you all out there, we would be in a much worse place emotionally. Truly.

Our financial update is this:

1. We aren't able to pay September's rent, and that is scarey. We have just almost caught up on August, so we won't be evicted yet. The owner has accepted all those checks that came, and is being extraordinarily patient, but he wants us to be up to date SOON, and not late. The unemployment checks leave us half a month behind, it seems, and we can't catch up.

2. We are only a little late with some of the utilities.

3. There is only one credit card to worry about, and we are ignoring it until we are able to do something about it. Well, it doesn't have a squillion dollars on it, so that is okay. Other things need paying first.

4. Mama will see what the clinic can do about the medicines she needs. That is scarey, too. She needs her meds cause she's a diabetic and stuff, and wants to be healthy so that she can get a job and work hard again.

5. She has $14 left on the EBT card to use before the 1st. She has already gone to the food shelf, and can only go once a month. I have food, so I am okay, but I worry about her.

6. She has about 15 rides or so on the bus cards she has, which will get her to interviews and the grocery store for awhile.

It's kind of sad that life boils down to this mess we are in. The jobbie interview on Tuesday is for a consulting place for rich people. That's ironic.

There you have it, the latest update on us. Thanks again for listening..errh reading.

brandi and
my mama, Carol


kattonic said...

I really do understand. My mother believed that her kids needed to be out of the house once they were "adults", to her that was 18. That's right, on your 18th birthday instead of a party you got a couple of boxes with your stuff in them and a boot in the rear. I was poor, really poor. I lived in a studio apt. that was 20 X 30 and had a bathroom that consisted of a toilet, a sink and a shower head in a corner. I cooked (when I could afford food) on a hotplate. The fridge was one of those you find in rich peoples bedrooms (tiny). I was blessed though, there was an old hungarian lady who fed me about 3 nights a week. I would often come home from work to find a box of groceries, bread, peanut butter, canned soup, etc. on my doorstep. I never found out who was leaving these for me, but I thanked them every night in my prayers. It's amazing how people will go out of their way to help someone who they barely know. It's an overwhelming feeling, that someone out there, someone you've maybe never met, could care what happens to you. But, that is one of God's gifts, a caring heart. And passing it forward is sometimes the only way we have of thanking those who gave to us. God Bless you, and move a heart to give you a job soon (or win the lottery, that would be nice too). Sorry for rambling, I just needed to tell you that we just care about you and want to help.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

We dropped something for you in the mail late yesterday. Since you are local I have your address. Look for an envelope Monday, or probably Tuesday. Lynne

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

brandi, you and your mama are nice folks who are having bad luck. all us kitties want to help turn that bad luck into good luck, simple as that. hope we can do it soon! be of good cheer, friends!

purrs & head-butts,
nels, ed, nitro, & xing lu

Max said...

When the Youner Human lost his job he called his credit card and explained, and they put a 90 day thingy on it that made it so he didn't have to pay without it hurting his credit rating. You might want to call and ask, just in case they can do it, too...