August 17, 2006

Thursday Update

Okay. Firstest, I would like to thank the Crew's mama for her suggestion about Craig's List. Thank you, thank you. That is the latest helpful thing that has been given us. Not to mention all of your purrayers and good thoughts and love and money for the rent and toys and stuff for me. Oreo's mom is to be commended (right word, mom?) for all her help, too. We put Craig's List on our jobbie looking list. Yeah!

Rainy day today, and I have been napping a lot. Mama gaved me special rubbies this morning for being a good nursie to her, and treaties. She is upset that the medical insurance won't pay for one of her druggies she needs, but has called and left a message with her doctor to see if there is another one that they would pay for.

No new interviews for her. Sigh.

I am worried about Mr. Squirrel. Still no sign of him. And the Chitterer is still not talking about it.

I had trouble getting on to blogger today to do this update. Mrowwwww!

Love to you all.



Oreo said...

You am furry furry welcome Brandi & Carol! We wubs you guys. PS Blogger has not been furry good to us this week eifer.

Zeus said...

I have never heard of Craig's List, but that is a seriously terrific suggestion. I'm glad also that you received all of our donations and are putting them to good use! We care about you and wish you all the best!

Some storms last longer than others, but all storms pass in time. ;)

DEBRA said...

Keep your spirits high, finks will get better and better.


Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

we had trouble wif the blogger monster too an it didn't wanna post our pictures an we was ready ta put the bitey on it

hope this week brings you some great news!

kattonic said...

Our Daddy dint haf a job for almost 4 yers. Mommy finks it was aje diskriminashon. Mommy 'n us poodins is stil purraying fur u guyz. Ours mommy doesn't gets to stay home wif us acuz she makes mor monees than the daddy. They both work to much fur ar liking. I cants wate fur my mommys facashon, she is staying home wif us fur a hol week.