August 25, 2006

Friday Update

Mama had the interview. She did her best, as usual. She found out even more about the building this time, and it is furry furry nice. The ladybean was furry furry nice. Mama said she really sold herself. She investigated the place on line and asked good questions of the ladybean, too. The ladybean said she will know about second interviews by Wednesday next week.

When she gotted home, I climbed up in her lap and she told me all about it. Then, later, she gotted another phone call for an interview next week from yet another company. This one kind of scares her, cause it is a "executive position". And she needs to submit some professional writing. Whew. But, she WAS an english major way back in the dark ages.

Oh, okay mama, before I was around. Sheesh.

She also put in a call to her clinic to talk to them about getting medication help. They did free insulin for her several years ago, and maybe she can get the other meds she needs too. They have not gotten back to her, but probably will next week. It is Friday, after all.

We are still scared, but the first "fear" of what is happening with the EBT food card and the med insurants is over.

Wet and dark and rainy today. Lots of naps and purrs for mama. That's my job.

And waiting for the hamm pizza. When mama gets hired. Thank you everyone for caring about us.

Love, brandi


caspersmom said...

Prayers going up for Brandi's mom. I think it stinks when the insurance is taken away from someone. Also prayers that she gets the right job and one she likes. So nice of you Brandi to give your Mom lots of love and purrs.

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

yay, brandi and brandi's mom! sounds like she did a good job on the innerview and there's hope for the meds, too. it was rainy here today, too, with some boomers, and got a little cooler.

our Mommy is smiling again a little, since she talked to some people and did something on the puter. and purrayed a lot.

you are such a good kitty therapist to your mama!! i hopes when good times come again, your mama will buy you a hamm pizza all your own.

Mommy says g*d is good, no matter what face you put on him!

purrs & kitty nuzzles, xing lu

Kimo & Sabi said...

Can we see a photo of you Brandi? You sound like a cutie!

Canberra BK said...

Hello Brandi and BrandiMom. I hope BrandiMom gets the jobbie at the furry nice building. That sounds cool! We are thinking about you every day and hoping that a nice bean gives you a jobbie furry furry soon!!

That was a furry badness letter about the medicines on Thursday. We were furry worried. :(

Zeus said...

We're still praying and hoping that the tides turn for you, Brandi's mom. I'm still in shock that they took away her medical plan and her EBT card. Please let others know if you need additional help.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Yeah for the good interview!!! And for the other one too! Hopefully, you'll find out somfing soon.