September 14, 2006

Another Thursday, with no news about the job

That's right. No calls today except from a couple friends of mama. The jobbie hasn't called back. That could be a problem. Mama is going to wait until tomorrow, and is not planning on going anywhere until the evening, tomorrow, in case they call.

She wants to be able to work with Olivia. With all the kitties out in the internet pulling for us, wouldn't this be sort of kismet or something? If mama gets the jobbie, she will take a picture of Olivia and post it here! And sneak her whatever her favorite treats are. Every day.

About her glasses. She founded a place that will give her a eye exam (a test to see how good she sees), and glasses for no charge. Xcept she won't have much choice as to the frames, and she says they might be a little mad at her cause her lenses are trifokal, and that is more work for them. She might have to pay some. And then, we will be behind again. *Sigh*

Wet weather coming, and then cooler. Was very nice today. Mama even turned one of the fans on.

I'm gonna check out my friends' blogs and then let my mama use the computer. My friends are listed to the right, by the way. We love you all.



The Meezers said...

we is purraying hard Brandi. sometimes the beans don't make decisions until fridays for jobs. we knows that when momma interviews people, she doesn't make her decisions until a friday, 'acuase she interviews people all week. sometimes it's not efenn till Monday if she has interviews late friday. So CarolMom, hang in there, somefing good will happen. we loves you!

Butterscotch said...

Do not forget the power of a thank you email.

Karen Jo said...

Hang in there. Maybe there will be good news tomorrow or Monday. I am glad that you found a place to get your glasses. That should help a lot. I am sending good vibes your way.

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

purrrrin' and purrrrrayin' for you both every night (and when we remembers, in the daytime)!

meanwhile, come see the sammiches we're gonna bring to skeezy's party.

we loves you too, dear b & c!!