September 28, 2006

More News

Not a bad day today, a little cool. Mama gotted a weird call from somebody who saw her resume on Monster and said they would "keep her in mind"??? And another call from somewhere she applied yesterday. They set up a phone interview for tomorrow morning. It's a job that is a "big stretch" for mama. Not something she has really done before in a big way, but she has a little experience in. It is close to home, a nationally established company, but she says a "big stretch" means its more in depth and with more control over things than she has ever had. She would be an "administrator/assistant" for a CEO. Whew.

After the interview she has to go to the clinic cause they have some medicines for her. It is going to be cold and rainy tomorrow. Brr. I bet she stops for coffee on the way home! Or has some waiting for her here!

My pink heart has been missing for a couple of days. Mama found it by the couch in the living room. Yeah!!!



Edsel/The Pooch said...

oh, very, very good luck to your Momma on that interview. paws crossed!!

William said...

Tell your momma we hope everything goes well tomorrow morning. Did you get her back all fixed?

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

Brandi, we just know something great is fixing to come along for your mommie and for you, too.

You all just gotta hang in there (and that is definitely easier said than done).

We've got our fingers (and paws) here crossed for her tomorrow as well as prayers and good positive thoughts for her.

I have always heard this is a good time of the year to get a job. The school kids for the summer have been gone for a few week. Sometimes companies figure they don't need to replace them. Well, about this time -- late September -- they have just figured out they do need more help.

Karen Jo said...

I hope your Mom's interview goes well. A "big stretch" job could be a good thing. It might be a bit stressful at first, but it could mean a really nice income. I'm glad you have your pink heart again. I'm hoping and praying for both of you.

Sir Sidney and Emperor Nero said...

Glad that you found your pink heart. Hope that your mum gets this job. It sounds that it will be good for her.

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

hi, little sugarbun! so nice to hear that your pink heart got found. (at least you don't have to worry that it was eaten by a slobbery ol' d*g.)

that is some hopeful news, and we are just purrin' and purrrayin' like crazy so's one of them turns out to be the RIGHT jobbie for your mama. maybe your mama lost the other job acause this one was gonna be out there lookin' for her? acause maybe it's the right time in her life for her to "stretch"? dunno. hope so!! *purrrrrrrrrs*

it's funny how some beans need that coffee stuff. in my Mommy's Mommy's fambly, they all have coffee in their veins, not blood. she said you'd unnerstand that, since you live in The Cities and must have met a few norwegian lutherans in your time;-)

it's pretty darn chilly here today--39 over night, and frost reported on some windshields ouside the city proper! sunny, though. yesterday was cloudy, cold snuggle weather. gonna be summer hot this weekend, though.

when it's cold & rainy on weekends, they make food called "chilly" but it's actually pretty hot in a strange way. we've all tried it, and it tasted real good but our tongues burn, and later on, some other things burn, so we don't lick those bowls clean!

hope the jobbie comes soon, and in the meantime, cuddle & purr; that's just The Best use of time, after all.

meows & headbonks


Junior said...

We will keep our paws crossed that your mama gets that job!

I am glad she found your pink heart! I hate when my little red sparkly ball is missing.

Eric and Flynn said...

We reely hope that phone intervoo went well furr yer momma. We haf had rain furr two days, but it is good cuz we hafn't had enny furr squillions of sleeps, and our mum sed efurryfing needs it and the ressy-vores are too low.We's glad yoo haf found yer pink heart again.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

sounds like a good sign that sumbuddy would go outta their way ta call an mention they saw the rez-oooh-may an was thinkin 'bout it.
glad you finded the heart. sumtimes our toys go on vacation ta sumwhare, but they always come back