September 8, 2006

Rainy Friday

We has good news and bad news. First the bad news, to get it out of the way: The nice beans who could possibly get glasses for mama never called back yet. :-( So no new glasses yet.

The good news: Mama has another interview next Monday. Broken glasses or not.

That's it. Just a rainy dark day, just right for snoozin away. That's all I have been doing. Haven't seen Mr. Squirrel today. The birdies have not been flying around too much out back. Boring and quiet.

Oh, mama did want to say thank you to everybody. This is the first time in three months we have been up to date on some of our xpenses. Mama is sleeping a lot better. There still is so much--medicines, glasses, a loan to pay off, a credit card, food. And the nicer stuff like a new vacuum cleaner (yuck), new clothes for a new job, she wants a spot bot, new furniture--well, some time in the future. But for now, we appreciate having a roof over our heads and lectricity!

Fall is coming. Snuggle weather is coming.



Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

ya can haf our vak-youm on account of we HATES it! we'd luv ta unload that noisy monster so we wouldn't hafta hide unner the table fur hours. we're glad ta hear fings is goin better an we hope fings keep goin in that same dir-ek-shun.

Karen Jo said...

Congratulations on the interview Monday. I hope it goes very well. In fact, I hope everything goes very well. You are overdue on good things happening.