September 29, 2006

Friday News

Well, mama had her interview. I sat on her for the whole thing so she wouldn't be nervous or anything. And I think she did fine! The manbean sounded nice, and said that she would have to do a phone interview with the director of human resources and then meet the CEO for an interview. Whew. But then the director of human resources didn't call her back. Hmm. Maybe she left for the weekend??? So mama wented out for her medications from the clinic. She was gone for squillions of naps, too. She said she sat in the coffee house with some pumpkin spice latte and read her book. She is reading one about a cat! How intelligent a pick is that! Thank you, Sue, she said. And Meowers from Missouri, her mama was a norwegian lutheran. She said you would know what THAT means.

So, she was gone till it got kinda dark out, and I had to catch up on scritchies and headrubbies, and tell her my octopus is missing. She didn't find it, either. And my pink heart is gone too. Do they get tired of me playing with them and hide cause they wanna rest??? Hmm.

Anyway, it did rain when mama was out and she didn't have to walk in the rain on the way home. Not that she minds rain. But she did have a nice long walk to the clinic and from the coffee house home (the coffee house is on the same block as the clinic). And her back is finally doing lots better.

So the weekend is here. Hope everyone takes care. Purrayers for the ones who need them, and gentle headbumpies and purrs to you all.



Lone Star Purrs said...

THose pumpkin lattes are yummy momma sez! We'll keep prayin' fur y'all.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

o, Brandi, u tells ur Mommie 'n u's to git some rests this weekend. Sounds like ur Mommie's gitt'n more in-tee-vu's. She mite jus hafs a job next week.

o, hamm pizza in all its glory. ummm.

my toyz runs away sumtimes buts i finds 'em, but it mite be dayz.

hang 'n there, Brandi....KC

Fat Eric said...

My mum says she hates flavoured coffees but the book about cats sounds lovely. Good luck to your mum with her interviews, glad her back is feeling a bit better.

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

tee-hee! our mom sez "ya, dot's for shure! ay know yoost whatcha mean!" she also suspects that the 96th Thesis nailed to the church door had to do with the ung*dliness of flavored coffees. ;-D

happy news about the phone interview with a promising-sounding company! we'll purray it comes to pass, and soon!

glad she found some time to herself and enjoyed yummy coffee and a good book. we know it's hard for you when she's gone, but she's gotta have a little different kinda fun-time once in a while. trust us.

phooey on those wandering toys; we know where ours disappear to, but can't imagine where yours go. do you have pixies in that apartment?

we prays a blessing on your heads (and backs), and hopes it's a nice weekend where you get to enjoy each other!

nose-kisses from all the meowers

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

ya can't go wrong interviewin wif a kitty on yur lap!