September 13, 2006

Back to warm weather

Yes, we are back to warm weather. Sposed to be in the eighties Thursday and Friday, and then Rain again and cooler. Wish the weather would make up its mind! Mr. Squirrel and his lady friend were here today. She's getting to know the area, and is not as afraid of all us kitties here. The Chitterer was here, too, but all alone. I think he's jealous of Mr. Squirrel. Well, no one likes to be alone. I kinda feel for him.

Mama has not heard anything yet about the job. Still hoping. Ooh, I am purraying so hard! I hope Olivia sends good thoughts about her to the beanbosses!

Mama has pre-per-skrip-shun glasses and the frames is all broke. Right now she is wearing an old pair of glasses that give her headaches. They are way out of date, but at least she can see most things. She really can't see without her tri-fokals. She has an appointment for next Wednesday.

I really want that hamm pizza, mama! And you beanbosses, she would be perfect for your company! Olivia liked her!

She should know by Friday. I hope the answer is yes, cause we deserve to go back to normal around here!


ML (Mary Lynn) said...

i's got my toesies crossed fur ur mommie to gits that good job. i's telled Missy ta do tha same. maybe if efurry kittens and catz cross our toesies, it'll bring ur mommie extra spes-shall luck!

may-bee on Friday u kin git hamm pizza to celly-brate ur mommies job!wood u gives me a bite? i never haf a pizza.

PrincessMia said...

Good luck to yous twos. I've been keeping you in my purrayers. Paws crossed.

Speedy the man cat said...

Oh, Oh, OH, Brandi! Are yoo goin' to Skeezix birfday party? If yoo are I wood like to haf a danse with yoo.

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Oh, yes, I hope yer coming to my berthday party, Brandi. I shoor wood like a danse with yoo, too!

Zeus said...

We're crossing all of our toes and fingers for you, Brandi's mom! We hope you get the job you have been working so hard for over these past weeks!

Petey said...

We will say our purrayers for your mom.

ML (Mary Lynn) said...

haf anyones ever heared of a purr-ti-tion? I finks it's like when alls of us blogging cats signs sumfin to make sumfin happen? likes they sees so many signatures, they knows theys haf to do it. maybe us blogging cats can make a purr-ti-tion for brandi's momma and take it to olivia?
i may be really little, but i's worried 'bout ur momma -- u really need that hamm pizza, too. and sides, ur gonna give me a bitey of it too,right brandi....KC