September 15, 2006

Friday Night

Mama says this is a cute picture! Ok, so it shows my front paws all curled and some of my pretty belly fur. And my red octopus. Can't seem to get the eyes right, but the fur is better, more like me. And you can see the pretty spot between my eyes. But not my bib. Oh, well. I even put it and one of my other pictures on Catster :-)

No news about the jobbie today. Mama waited and waited. I guess maybe they hired someone else. Mama is sad about that :-(

Nothing else going on. It was warm today. Took lots of naps in the sun in the window.

When mama gets a job she says I can have a party. With tuna water and hamm pizza and Temptations and fevers and mousies and music, too. Woo who! No alcohol, though. And niptinis only for the responsible puddies. No over indulgence will be allowed, or all nip will be removed. Whew. But necessary to look out for the younger ones.

Off to other blogs (and I think a party or two?),

Love, brandi


Edsel/The Pooch said...

hi Brandi. i know this is gettin' old to hear, but tell your Momma to hang in there. she WILL get a job, she just has to keep tryin'. my Mom says it's hard to keep your spirits up, but just like when you're sick, you have to. so you purr and head butt her lots to help her feel better.

Petey said...

We so look forward to the day that you can have a party and your momma gets a jobbie.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Tell yur momma not to get too down ....maybe the werk beans were really busy, and couldn't call her a'fore they lefted for the weekend?
We'll be prayin' for y'all.
~M,K,& E

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

my goodness. some beans are just silly; can't see a good prospect right in front of their faces. although maybe butterscotch has the right idea--keep mama's name in front of the beans with a thank you note or email. if whomever they hired doesn't work out (and sometimes that happens very soon after hiring), then they will 'member her better.

glad about the glasses, although it means a little backsliding on the $$. darn money. elusive stuff, ain't it?

your mama had a picture of WHO????? on her screensaver? wow! he'd be mortified, the ol' softy!!! *kitty grin* *tee-hee*

Eric and Flynn said...

We hope yer mum get's some luck soon, an gets a job. Tell her not to give up. When she gets her job, can we come ofurr furr yer party. We'll bring mousies.

Fat Eric said...

Still keeping our fingers and paws crossed that your mum gets a job very very soon. My mum was out of work for a while before she got her current job so she knows how you feel. And my dad did lots of temporary jobs before he got his current job and he really hated not having a permanent job. Also she just had to pay for two new pairs of glasses and it cost a fortune. (she has weird eyes, the left is a totally different prescription to the right).

PrincessMia said...

We are looking forward to the day that your beanmom gets her new jobbie and you get to have a party. Tell her to keep her head up. We know it's hard, we are all purraying for her. You look very beautiful in your picture!

Skeeeeezix the Cat said...

Brandi -- I'm hoping and praying that yer nice lady gits a job. I was so happy to see yoo at my berthday party. Thanks for coming!

Yer frend,
Skeezix the Cat

kattonic said...

Wow Brandi, I hopes your momma gets a job soon. Then we can pawty! We's still prayin and purrin for it.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

yur rite - that IS a furry cute pic-shure!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brandi,
You look very cute in the photo.I hope your moma finds a job she's happy doing.