September 5, 2006

Beautiful day

Nothing new, no jobbies for mama. Beautiful day. Mr. Squirrel visited without his lady friend. Sunspots and nappies. I lost my pink heart for a while. I know it was on the footstool with my red octopus, and then suddenly it wasn't. I don't carry it arround, so I wondered where it could be. I like to lay my head on it. Mama found it under the footstool. How'd it get there??

Absolutely nothing going on, just a beautiful day. Not too warm, cozy. Warm nappies. Tomorrow mama goes out on some errands I think.

Please somebody, call her for a jobbie???

Thank you all for the compliments for my pictures. I do have a pretty spot, and nice white paws and a nice white bib. You just don't see efurrything in the pictures.

She can't figure out how come it is so washed out when she takes pictures in one room, and too dark in the other.

She needs help. But I suppose she'll figure it out. *sigh*



caspersmom said...

Wasn't much of a day for me either. Mom went on errands this morning and left her bedroom door closed so we didn't get to sleep on her bed this morning. When she got home, then we got to go sleep on her bed. Didn't get to go outside to look for froggies either. Mom says maybe tomorrow we can go out. Hope so.


DEBRA said...

Just keep givin your Momma en-coo-er-ga-mint! I a sure she will find a jobbie and get that new fangled camera to get just pix-shur purrfect photos of you Brandi!

nels, ed, nitro, and/or xing said...

hello, sweetladycat! you are just the goodest kitty to keep your mama's spirits up!! we are still purrrrrring and purraying every day and night.

it is nice to see your pictures. mama will get the hang of it in no time!

hugs & purrs -


one of us said...

You are keeping your Mom busy so she doesn't worry to much and that is good. Keep up the good work Brandi ~Merlin, Shadow, KO KO